Why Recycle Denim?

What has a pair of jeans to do with environmental issues?

Do you really pollute the environment when purchasing a new pair of jeans?

Yes, you do. And jeans do have a lot to do with the environment.

Cotton as a pollutant

Approximately 100 cubic ft (10 m3) fresh water is used to product a single pair of jeans. This is mainly due to the big water demand of cotton production.

Whenever we purchase a new pair of jeans – or dispose of an old one, for that matter – another 100 sq ft of fresh water have been wasted.

So if there is only one smart way of reusing this material, we can say that we did a great deal in order to save our environment.

This is one reason why we started allidenim.com (also read about the Old Blue program – coming soon). All your recycling ideas are welcome!

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